Harris Hotel & Conventions - Jakarta, 21 Jan 2020

Harris Hotel & Conventions - Jakarta, 21 Jan 2020

This event was held, thanks to the collaboration with GIAMM. GIAMM is one of the biggest automotive association in Indonesia. Most of the member of GIAMM joint this event. 

CS & MPDV brought the topic about "Smart Factory" into this event. All participants was also very active in sharing about their experience and make this event becomes more exciting.

Mr. Hadi Surjadipradja as Secretary General of GIAMM also shared about Industry 4.0 in this event. Since Manufacturing Execution System and ERP is a critical part of creating "Smart Factory" in industry 4.0, introduction about MES and ERP are also shared by Mr. Sascha, Mr. Eddy and Mr. Indra.
Mr. Marcellino from MPDV was also showing live demo about how MES work in shopfloor.

All informations that the particpants got from this event certainly will become very useful to create "Smart Factory" in their company and ready for Industry 4.0.

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