Smart Factory Webinar Series (Topic : Maintenance Management & Spare Parts Control)

Smart Factory Webinar Series (Topic : Maintenance Management & Spare Parts Control)

SMART Time-based, Cycle-based, Event-based Maintenance Management.

Everyone knows that poorly maintained assets can lead to breakdowns and stoppages that impact production and directly incurring more cost. Less obvious impacts are quality issues; spoilage, rejects and waste; delivery commitments; morale; and the extra strain on Maintenance resources. All of which are losses that can be minimised.


The challenge for the Engineering/Maintenance department in today’s climate is to work smarter and leaner, holding less inventory and still maintaining plant up-time. The task is more difficult where no data is available to analyse history, visualise progress or evaluate performance. In a post Covid world, the need of mobility is also ever increasing.

Join us to learn how HYDRA:

  • Exploits mobile devices and technologies to allow engineers/technicians to record maintenance    activities at the place of work and manage escalations.
  • Builds up detailed, accurate maintenance records
  • Manages spare part inventory directly or connect to ERP through interfaces
  • Better manage engineering resources
  • Be more selective in planning maintenance schedules to move from simple periodic plans, to plans based on equipment use and/or specific events

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