Asprova - APS

Asprova - APS

High speed scheduling tools for finite capacity planning with visual management

Perform long, mid, and short term scheduling across sales, manufacturing and purchasing in a single module.

Traditionally production scheduling systems were often used in combination with the MRP module of an enteprise system. However, such a combination produces the following problems:

(1) An interface must be developed between the scheduler and MRP system
(2) The MRP system and scheduler require different master data
(3) MRP purchase plans are not synchronized with the work instructions calculated by the scheduler.
(4) Returning schedule data to the MRP system to achieve such synchronization is problematic for most MRP systems.

Using Asprova APS alone fully solves these problems.

Scheduling from sales through Purchasing

Schedule sales through purchasing all at once. Generate schedules fully pegging sales orders to manufacturing orders, and manufacturing orders to purchasing orders to enable true lead-time reduction and to reduce manufactured item and purchased item inventory.

Long/mid/short term mixed scheduling

Perform rough scheduling for the mid to long term and detailed scheduling for the short term, and display both on a single Gantt chart.

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