Complete business solution for your companies available in 3 different packages:

CS Starter

  • Comprehensive master data management for Raw Materials, Work in Process, Finish goods Item, Non-Stock Items, Service items, Assets, Customers, Suppliers, Business Partners, Contacts, Storages, Currencies, Item groups, Delivery Terms, Payment Terms.
  • Complete sales transaction management from sales quotation, order confirmation, pick list, delivery notes, invoices, return delivery notes, and credit/debit notes.
  • Complete purchase transaction management from request, purchase orders, goods receive, purchase invoices, return purchase, debit/credit notes.
  • Configurable multi-format printout of all transactions
  • Multi users with different authorizations and logfile
  • Multi currencies
  • Multi warehouses
  • Multilevel product grouping and classifications
  • Multi company capabilities
  • Multilevel document approval
  • Multiple form numbering format
  • Multiple dimensions of measurements of an item.
  • Multi-programmable discounts and retail promotion campaign
  • Sales price calculations
  • Minimum stock control, purchase batch, and minimum order quantity management.
  • 3 convertible units of measures
  • Transactions overview for controlling all your transactions in one screen.
  • Barcode/QR Code generator
  • Barcode scanner/QR code scanner compatibility
  • Email functionality
  • Reminder functionality
  • Built-in standard reports
  • Warehouse management system that covers multi-warehouse and warehouse addressing/locations/bin/shelves. Batch and serial number item with individual histories per serial numbers/batch numbers. Batch, serial number expiry dates control and aging report. Interface to RFID, AGV, and other WMS robotic system.
  • Multi-level item sets or package items.
  • Project master data, costing, activities and partial invoices.
  • Salesman master data and commission clearing.
  • Activities management per customer/supplier/projects.
  • Configurable report/list generator.
  • Standard financial accounting workflow, Account Receivables, Account Payables, Cash/Bank, General Journal, Foreign Currency Revaluation, Foreign Currency Exchange Gain/Loss, Fixed Assets, Depreciation, Cost-Centre, Cost-Units
  • Standard financial accounting reports, Account sheet, journals, trial balances, balance sheet, income statement, tax report, cashflow.
  • E-TAX interface to ELSTER and Indonesian E-Tax.
  • Interface to Customs Duty and Excises application of Indonesian Government (only for CS ERP software sold in Indonesia)
  • MRP Calculation capabilities
  • Supplier canvassing on material requests
  • Asset management and plain maintenance
  • Return material acknowledgement

CS Business Trading

All CS Starter + following features :

  • CS Databridge
  • Interface Module (Basic)
  • Extension Module (Basic)

CS Business Manufacturing

All CS Business Trading + following features :

  • Bill of materials management
  • Product Costing
  • Production order management, order-related job order or mass production.
  • Production deliveries and execution
  • Production plan based on start date and production deadline
  • Multi-production locations
  • Outsource production
  • Production resources master data (machines, tools, workers)
  • Resources routing master data
  • Resource capacity master data
  • Resources utilization management
  • Production order calculation & searching for possible date

Optional Modules

  • CS Mars e-commerce B2C
  • CS Mars e-commerce B2B
  • CS Web Based Module (ENGAGE)
  • CS Point of Sales Module

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