Smart Factory Webinar Series (Topic : HYDRA for Metals Industry)

Smart Factory Webinar Series (Topic : HYDRA for Metals Industry)

The new solution, "HYDRA for Metals", is a Manufacturing Execution System (MES) specifically adapted to comply with requirements intrinsic to the metal industry. HYDRA for Metals is based on functions of the field-proven MES solution HYDRA incorporating VDI guideline 5600 and then aligned by customizing to the requiremens of metal working companies.

Amongst others HYDRA for Metals supports the following applications:

- Foundry and secondary metallurgy

- Milling and forging

- Heat treatment

- Coating and metal finishing

- Mechanical processing

- Packaging

Some of the highlights of the solution are the functions for the composition, mill maintenance and machining centers. HYDRA for Metals offers perfect support for complex processes which are down to specific production technologies, complex value chains and multi-level production.

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