Gunung Geulis Golf Resort - Bogor, 6-7 Dec 2018

Gunung Geulis Golf Resort - Bogor, 6-7 Dec 2018

Not only our customer, but we also care about our Partners. Our partners is part of CS family.

CS know that all of our partner is working so hard, so to help them relax, we hold this gathering event.

First CS Indonesia Partner Gathering was hold in a luxurious golf resort with a spectacular view of mountain. 

In this gathering, all partners get to know each other, they also able to enjoy resort facilty such as gym and swimming pool. And of course, delicious food were served during breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Partners also get to learn about golf from the expert. Since golf is CS President DIrector favorite sport (Mr. Werner Hildebrandt), so all opf the partners also have a chance to learn from him.

This partner gathering had success in bringing joy and relaxion to our partners.

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